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Solar Energy Systems: How They Work.

If you want a more eco-friendly home, a “green” step is to add a solar energy system. After all, the sun’s energy has been provided to us in South Beloit and Belvidere for hundreds of years. Fleming Heating & Air Conditioning Inc. carries the Lennox® SunSource® Energy System to help you create a home that relies more on natural energy and less on oil and gas.

But how does this system work?

Put simply, the system uses solar modules, made up of photovoltaic (PV) cells, to harvest energy from the sun and convert it to electricity. Afterwards, the electricity will power appliances, lights and other electrical devices in your home – from your HVAC systems to your phone charger.

Grid-tied PV systems

If you live in South Beloit and Belvidere, you will want a grid-tied PV system. These are the least expensive solar energy systems, and they’re linked to your utility company’s power grid – hence the name grid-tied. This allows you to use solar energy from your system when the PVs are collecting energy and use electricity from the grid when the system isn’t gathering energy.

Additionally, grid-tied systems allow your system to feed surplus energy back into the grid, causing your meter to spin backwards. This process is called net-metering. The backward spin lets you save on utility expenses that are decided based on how far forward your meter has spun.

Please note that most solar rebates and incentives are only available if your system is grid-tied. The second option is a stand-alone PV system, which costs more. Stand-alone systems are not linked to the utility grid and are good options when your home is in a remote location, or too far a distance from a utility service or power lines.

Fleming Heating & Air Conditioning Inc. in South Beloit and Belvidere is ready to help with your solar energy system questions. Give us a shout at 877-389-2465 or set up an appointment online.