How to Know When Its Time for a Furnace Repair

February 16, 2018


In South Beloit and Belvidere you rely on your furnace to keep you comfy throughout the chilly time of year. If it’s been a while since you had a routine maintenance appointment for your furnace, you could be needing a furnace fix-up visit in the near future. As a minimum, you probably have a dirty air filter, which can block air flow and impact your furnace’s efficiency. It could even produce issues with your furnace’s control switch, which works furnace operation.

There are many other reasons you may need a furnace repair. We’ve compiled some symptoms for you to look for. The sooner you can call for a heat pump maintenance, the better. Call in a pro, like Fleming Heating & Air Conditioning Inc, if you notice any of these signs:

  1. Your blower doesn’t seem to be operating properly. Is it operating enough? Is it running all the time? Is the air blowing through as freely as it should, or does it seem weak? Symptoms related to your blower could signify a slight problem with your air filter or the interior blower.
  2. Your home isn’t getting warm enough. Are you ramping up the thermostat again and again, but you’re still cool? This could be a issue with your thermostat. It might be that your furnace is too little for your home. It may even be a problem with your gas source or your pilot light, along with other things.
  3. Your furnace is loud. If your furnace starts working noisily or making noises you’re not used to hearing, there could be trouble.
  4. You smell gas. You certainly don’t want to meddle with this one. If you smell gas, turn off your furnace right away and shut down its gas supply. Get around lighting matches or changing on lights until your HVAC expert or your gas company checks it.
  5. You find water pooling around your furnace. Often times this is a clogged condensation line. This could demand both plumbing and HVAC experts to repair.
  6. Your utility bill keeps growing. If your bill is climbing, but your usage is not, there could be a series of complications. Your HVAC expert will help find out what’s going wrong.

Now that you’ve read these indicators, you’ll know when you need to schedule furnace repair. And we’re here when you need it. Call Fleming Heating & Air Conditioning Inc at 877-389-2465 when you need to arrange repairs or regular maintenance.